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Ever wondered what the Nokia "IM/Chat/Presence", SonyEricsson "My Friends", Motorola "IM" and BenQ-Siemens "IM/Chat" options are for? This are inbuilt IMPS (Instant Messaging and Presence Service) clients used for Instant Messaging/Chatting and Presence services. You only require a IMPS server to connect to from your handset and you can start chatting with your mobile instant Messenger with your buddies or if you're feeling bored, you can update your mobile phone presence to "Free for chat" to start a conversation.

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You just need to connect to MobJab Server from your IMPS client on your mobile handset. MobJab is a Free IMPS (Instant Messaging and Presence Service) Server for Mobile Phones based on Wireless Village IMPS (Instant Messaging and Presence Service). Check if your handset supports IMPS, If it does then Register for your Mobjab account, then check the
Handset Settings to understand how to define IMPS Server settings on your mobile handset.

And if your phone doesn't have an inbuilt IMPS client, you might want to download the MobJab J2ME/Java IMPS Client/Application that you can install on any Java enabled mobile handset.

MobJab IMPS Gateway also offers a Web Client for a PC/Computer to Mobile Chat and Email2Mobile for letting Email users send a IM message to your handset and Mobile2Email for letting you send an Email to anybody on the go from your mobile handset via your IMPS client.

MobJab IM (Instant Messaging) gateway allows users to log in to and communicate through External instant messaging (Interoperable IM) services via their MobJab accounts. You can use your MobJab Login details and connect to a number of other IM Gateways like AOL Instant Messenger AIM AOL Instant Messenger - AIM, NEW FaceBook Messenger FaceBook Messenger, GoogleTalk-Gtalk Messenger GoogleTalk-Gtalk Messenger and Jabber-XMPP Messenger Jabber-XMPP Messenger, MSN Messenger MSN Messenger, Yahoo Instant Messenger Yahoo Instant Messenger - YIM and ICQ Messenger ICQ Messenger from your Mobile Handset.

Kindly note that MobJab.In IMPS Gateway which supported IMPS version 1.3 has been taken down. Development for IMPS version 1.3 has been stopped totally and we dont provide support for IMPS version 1.3 clients. Only IMPS Version 1.1 and 1.2 supported via MobJab.Mobi IMPS Gateway.

XMPP/Gtalk connectivity is now offered via MobJab.Mobi IMPS Gateway. Users are requested to register their Gtalk-XMPP accounts on the XMPP Transport on MobJab.Mobi IMPS Gateway.

Also Users are requested to keep only one MobJab account active and delete multiple MobJab user accounts so that the External IMs can function properly.

Note that though the MobJab service is free of charge, but your mobile operator will charge you for the data transfer. We would recommend that you opt for a unlimited data usage plan paying a fixed amount.

Support: MobJab Forum on HowardForums actively helps MobJab users to configure their phones and use the MobJab service. You can also check MobJab Updates/Blog for updates on Errors, Fixes, New Features, etc.

Disclaimer: By using MobJab Services you agree to be bound by MobJab Member/User Conduct. We do not take responsibility for any opinions expressed by MobJab Member/User or for any content that may be considered objectionable. MobJab will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by you due to your use of MobJab Services. You are solely responsible for your activities while using MobJab Services and indemnify us against any claim resulting from your use of MobJab Services which breach our terms.

We actively monitor IP address's of the connecting IMPS clients and store it in our database. If there is any kind of abuse of MobJab Services, We will work with relevant authorities to identify abusers.


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